The healing benefits of 100% Grass Fed Meats


My 16 year old received a golden retriever in July of 2005 and named him Buck. Buck was a great puppy with an outstanding disposition and a very smart dog. The whole family including several cats became very attached to Buck during his adolescence.

image On a fateful Sunday afternoon in January 2006 my son and I had let Buck ride in the back of my pickup on the road for the first time. He has always thoroughly enjoyed riding through the pastures checking cattle wagging his tail vigorously. Half way back to our home on a lazy gravel road I noticed in the rear view mirror he had leaned over the edge too far. Being a smart dog, he was preparing to land at 25MPH on a gravel road. He successfully had the front wheels on the tarmac in great shape with no damage other than a skinned jaw; however, the left rear leg twisted on impact and created a candy cane double spiral fracture.

My son and I immediately called our local vet, one of the best young vets in Missouri, who indicated this was a bad break that he could not set. He suggested a specialist in a neighboring community who informed us it was a very tough break and would cost $1,750 with no guarantees. Another phone call to the University of Missouri vet school generated a $3,000 broken leg estimate based on the X-ray above and no guarantee due to the specific break.


After consulting with our vet again, we decided to take Buck home and attempt a 100% Grass Fed Raw Diet cure while enclosed in a 5 x 6 pen to limit movement. Buck received 1 - 2 pounds of 75% burger daily and all of the marrow bones and knuckle bones he would devour. This was topped off with an eye dropper a day of the Or-ion concentrated minerals and a teaspoon of organic calcium sold at US Wellness.

image The results were fast and amazing. Pain pills were given the first 5 or 6 days only. By week 3, Buck was putting weight on the broken leg. By the end of week four, Buck was standing on both rear legs wanting out of his enclosure. On week six, he escaped and was roaming around our yard wagging his tail vigorously. By the end of week 8 you could not tell he had a thing wrong and his gait was perfect.

Our vet asked us to not talk much about the recipe for Buck’s healing as it was going to be bad for their broken leg repair business!

Just goes to show mother nature is a powerful force when good nutrition is applied along with tender loving care.

Buck is strictly a front seat passenger from now on!