Lemon Law

lemon law logo Though lemons are not good for dogs, the Lemon Law is GREAT for Pets and we are all about the best for pets.  It is the same concept as for cars, which we love to ride in.

Our Mum has incurred thousands of dollars in vet bills for the diseases we were infested with from our birth mother. We, of course, are not lemons – the breeder is.  We should have received the proper care from the start – before we went to live with Mum.

The bottom line is that people should not profit from sick dogs.  If you have had an experience like ours, you know about the emotional rollercoaster, expenses, sleepless nights, days lost from work, etc. Our Mum used to watch our bellies rise and fall each night just to make sure we were still breathing. No one should have to go through that!

The Lemon Law allows new dog purchasers the right to return a sick puppy, or unfortunately, one who dies, for a refund or replacement. Some laws allow the purchaser to keep the puppy, have it treated and receive some compensation for veterinary expenses from the seller. This allows some form of protection for the buyers and is desperately needed with the onslaught of puppy mills, malls and irresponsible breeders, who ruin it for the responsible ones.

The Lemon Law currently exists in only 10 states across the U.S (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Minneasota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont.)  Through the “Cleo & Patra Crusade,” our goal is to implement it in every state, beginning in Tennessee, where we were born. For individual information on these laws, you can go KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, Lemon Law Resource Center for Puppy Lemon Laws to http://www.malteseonly.com/lemon.html

As Susan G. Komen’s sister made her a promise to eradicate breast cancer, we are making the same promise to all pet owners! If you would like to help us or volunteer in our fight for Justice for Pet Owners, please sign the attached petition or contact us. You can also buy a “Puppy Lemon Law Lobbyist” Dog T-shirt to help with our costs.  If you have experience in lobbying, we need your help. This is our first time at this and there is power and strength in numbers!

Stay tuned as we progress in our Crusade for all Pets and their Parents!

Cleo & Patra