The Nipper Alert

Call, Write, Email Your Senators!

Senator Boxer mentions in her letter, H.R.2749, the Bill we are looking to be included in. HR2749 Food and Safety Enhancement act which was in Committee HR2749 it’s OUT now and waiting for Senator Reid to bring it to the Senate Floor… PLEASE Call, Write, Send a Letter or Email Your Senator asking them to please make sure the “Nipper Alert” is added to H.R.2749 The Nipper Alert: Global Contaminated Food and Fee Alert System included.  To see our original letter click here.



CC Couture

The coolest and most unique canine jewelery we have seen. The perfect way to express the emotional connection you have with your precious pet.

Grass-Fed is Greener

What’s the absolute ultimate in healthy diets for dogs? Pasture-Fed animals provide healthier meat and dairy products - and their production is better for the environment than factory-farmed livestock too!
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Canine Cleaning

Do you know that dogs and cats are often afflicted with rotting teeth, abscesses of the mouth, and gum disease? The controlled breeding of dogs has distorted the shape of their jaws, leading to impactions and misalignment, which promotes gum disease. Commercial pet food is another contributing factor to the increase in dental disease among dogs and cats, as the texture of dry kibble and wet food products stick to the teeth. Canine and feline teeth are designed to gnaw raw bones and other tough structures and rip flesh, which prevent the buildup of tartar. This is why we highly recommend adding in raw marrow bones to your pet’s diet, for the aforementioned benefits and the exercise it gives the jaw and the amazing health benefits of marrow! Dental diseases also tend to suppress the dog and cat’s immune system.

At Cleo & Patra Canine Cuisine, we only recommend the best for your pet. LaTisha has been cleaning cats and dogs teeth for the past 18 years without anethesia! This soft spoken woman will come to your home to make the experience convenient for you and your pet. Appointments are scheduled one at a time, no crowding or rushing so your precious pet receives 100% attention and kindness. Massage and music are used to keep pets calm while their teeth are cleaned from tar and plaque buildup, which causes bad breath. Her method is safe and costs less than most anesthesia methods. For her Gentle and Holistic Service, call 1-800-329-5495 or visit her website at

The Whole Dog Journal

This monthly guide to natural dog care and training published a 5 page story about Grass Fed Meats! It is exciting to see this extremely credible publication confirm what we have been preaching for the past two years!