Six years ago, our Mum was diagnosed with early stages of Breast Cancer with NO family history. Five days after her treatments ended, her Mum passed away suddenly and unexpectantly. This devastated her more than the cancer itself. After dropping out of life for two years, she realized that life was too short not to do and have the things she had always wanted. Of course, that included having a dog or two!!!

We arrived extremely sick - Patra was 1lb, 13 oz and I was 2lbs, 2 oz. After four months of continuous health problems and medications, we became the pickiest eaters. Patra was diagnosed with early stages of Medial Patellar Luxations, which could eventually involve surgery. Both her and Cleo had acupunture treatments and ate nutrient dense foods.

With the sensitivity of our tiny tummies, Mum tried all kinds of dog foods. She even tried raw food until I got sick and ended up overnight in the hospital with another hefty vet bill at Christmas. Then, using her knowledge of healthy eating and natural remedies, along with the teachings of Weston A. Price, she started cooking fresh and healthy homemade meals for us. She loves to cook, and we love to eat! Besides being delicious, the food has other benefits. Mum says we drink less water as the food is not full of fillers, additives, etc, we don’t “pass gas” anymore, our stools are smaller in size and quantity - and they don’t smell! This makes Mum smile!!

Mum wanted to make other pet owners smile, too. One day while researching home cooking for us, she thought that if she can cook for us, why can’t she do it for other pets and their busy owners? Even better, she decided to deliver it to your home, hotel, office or doggie day care - how convenient is that? After much research and consulting with Holistic Animal Nutrionists, Cleo & Patra Canine Cuisine was created, prior to the 2007 Pet Food Recall. Home delivery is available in and around Los Angeles, with shipping charges outside the area.

In addition to our great tasting recipes which have been approved by us and many other canines, we are also going to implement the “Lemon Law for Puppies” across the United States. You can read more about this at Cleo & Patra Canine Crusade.

At our recent annual check-up, our Holistic Vet informed Mum that our luxating patellas are now very tight and surgery will no longer be required. Mum is very very happy! She knows our healing is from eating nutrient dense foods including 100% Grass Fed Meats, just as it was for U.S. Wellness Meat Farmer, John Wood’s dog, Buck.

You really can turn lemons into lemonade, just as long as it is healthy and tastes good!  Being the Featured 2009 Green Pet Food in Doggie Afficionado, and our recent 2009 Family Choice Award for Best Dog Food in Los Angeles is proof of this!  Let the journey continue!!