About Us

At Cleo & Patra Canine Cuisine, our goal is to help dogs live as long a happy and healthy life as possible! It is a known fact that dogs who have been fed home-prepared meals live long lives, many into their 20s! Our Mum has met many pet parents who home-cook for their pets and have rarely experienced any health issues!

Our human and pet ancestors never experienced the diseases or obesity we now face as a nation, due in large part to processed foods. With the recalls in pet food a few years ago, the continous recalls with human food, and the rise of illnesses among humans and pets, it is time to go back to the simpler times in history and to natural ways to feed our pets and ourselves. Our nutritious “nutrient dense” meals and philosophy have been shaped by the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston A. Price, whose foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet.

You may be too busy to cook for your pet, so convenient, processed dog food has probably been your best solution so far. But now - it doesn’t have to be your only solution. We are here to help make your life easy and enable your pet to eat nutritious, delicious food for a healthier, happier life filled with love, laughs and licks!

Our home-cooked approach provides nourishing meals for your pet with food lovingly cooked from wholesome, natural nutrient dense ingredients that you can pronounce and your dog will easily digest and love. We will even deliver it right to your door or ship it anywhere across the country. We use the highest quality ingredients on the market for your precious pet! Wild Salmon and not Farm-Raised. 100% Grass Fed Meats, not hormone/antiobiotic infested proteins and Organic Vegetables to name a few.

If you already cook for your pets, we salute you as we understand how time-consuming it is, watching our Mom cook for us daily! We know you will find valuable information on our website to help provide the best or better nutrients for your pets!

We are proud to support local farmers, sustainable farming and the environment. We hope you take pride knowing that our food comes from farmers who have made conscious choices about stewarding the land in environmentally responsible ways, raising livestock in a humane fashion, and living their own lives in accordance with their values. Not only are you making the healthiest choices possible for your pet, but your business enables local farmers to realize better working conditions and a fair income.

We are honored to be the Recipient of this year’s 2009 Family Choice Award Winner for “Best Dog Food in Los Angeles, Orange County Santa Clarita and Oxnard, from the Family Magazine Group, America’s largest free parenting publication, and recognized as the premier resource for the very best in children’s, pets and parenting products and services.”
Last Winter we were the Featured Green Pet Food in Doggie Afficionado Magazine’s “Green Living” edition. We continue this honor as the exclusive pet partner for “Freshmommy.com,” Southern California’s premiere leading fresh dining company’s newest program, providing Gourmet meals for pre and post natal women seeking nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your door. Now you can have food delivered for yourself and for your pet together!

When our Mom is not cooking for us, she is studying and writing Canine Cuisine articles for health magazines and contributes healthy canine recipes to the newest magazine “DIY Doggie”, which can also be found on the dog app on the IPhone.

Statements made on our site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our recipes are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness or be a substitute for veterinary care or treatment. Though, our client’s results do speak for themselves.

In addition to our Canine Cuisine, we’ve created many paw-sitively fun pages on the website that celebrate us, The Canine, found on the Connections section. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Whether you decide to use our services or not, we hope you have a paw-sitive experience visiting our website and leave motivated with new found knowledge of ways to help nourish your pet for a long, healthy, love-filled life!

Cleo & Patra